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Membership Categories

Full Member
$350.00 + applicable taxes 
Must be certified to practice General Surgery in North America.
Associate Member
$35.00  + applicable taxes
Must be enrolled in a Canadian General Surgery Program as a Resident (Membership Fee to be paid by respective University) or an Allied Health Professional, Technician, Office/Business Manager, Medical Specialist outside of General Surgery, or must be enrolled in surgical training outside of North America and must provide two letters of support from active CAGS Members
Associate Fellow Member
$35.00 + applicable taxes
Must be enrolled in a Fellowship Program in North America.
Medical Student
$10.00 + applicable taxes
Must be enrolled in Medical School.
Senior/Retired Member
Must be a retired medical practitioner who has held a valid certificate in General Surgery in North America, and has been an Active Member for a minimum of five years.
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