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Governance Review

CAGS’ governance review was initiated to improve upon the structure of CAGS and the efficacy of the organization.  In September of 2008 and February of 2009, quorum was either delayed or not reached at the CAGS Board meetings and so began an inquiry into governance review in 2009.  Governance review expert, Mr. Jeff De Cagna was hired to consult with the CAGS Membership and make certain recommendations to the Board.  Mr. De Cagna held a series of teleconferences and sent a survey to CAGS members asking for their opinion on the CAGS structure and function.  Based on the information gathered, Mr. De Cagna provided the last edition of his report and recommendations to Board Members in November of 2009.  The De Cagna report was a radical departure from what existed and as such, the CAGS Board elected the Governance Review Working Group to review the recommendations in the report, determine feasibility and report back at the CAGS Board meeting in January, 2010.

The Working Group consisted of 6 CAGS Members:  Dr. Bill Mackie (Chair), Dr. Robin McLeod, Dr. Ray Dykstra, Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld, Dr. Bill Pollett and Dr. Angus MacIver.  These individuals quickly identified the main issue that related to the size of the CAGS Board which had expanded over time to 36 members.  This had caused problems obtaining a quorum and lengthy reports during Board meetings that do not always allow for the best use of time.  Based on the feedback from the De Cagna report, the Working Group also acknowledged the issue of the CAGS Board and Executive being perceived as somewhat of a mysterious black box by the membership. With these major findings, the Working Group identified three priorities for CAGS Governance:

3 Priorities for Governance Review:

1) Simplify the structure of the board.  Reduce the CAGS Board from 36 to approximately 20.  
2) Enhance openness of the nominating process;
3) Increase opportunities for member engagement in the governing process.
The Governance Review Working Group then made recommendations at the Board meeting held January 31st that were supported in principle by the CAGS Board after some deliberation and minor amendments.  The recommendations carried by the CAGS Board include the following:
1. THAT the Executive Committee be reduced in size to 5 members, combining the Secretary and Treasurer positions.
2. THAT the Board be reduced to 18 or 19, which includes 5 from the Executive, 8 or 9 from the ‘Core Committees’, and 6 Regional Representatives. The ‘Core Committees’ include Research, Education, Resident, Nominating, Membership, Clinical Practice, and Continuing Professional Development.
3. THAT a Provincial Affairs Committee be created, made up of representatives of all Provinces, chaired by an elected representative from the committee, that reports through the Regional representatives to the Board.
4. THAT an electronic nomination form be placed on the website for any CAGS members to be elected as a Regional Representative if they are supported by two members of CAGS.
These recommendations along with proposed bylaw amendments will now be put forward for a vote  to the CAGS Membership at the CAGS AGM that will be held September 4th, 2010 in Quebec City, to which all Members are strongly encouraged to attend.
For a full text of the Board Governance Review and Advocacy proceedings on Janurary 31st, please click here to read the minutes.
To read proposed bylaw amendments, please click here
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