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CAGS Executive Committee

President - Dr. Christopher de Gara

President Elect - Dr. Morad Hameed

President Elect Secundus - Dr. David Urbach

Past President - Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld

Secretary-Treasurer - Dr. Sean Cleary

CAGS Committee Chairs

Clinical Practice Committee - Dr. Shahzeer Karmali

Continuing Professional Development Committee - Dr. Olivier Court

Nominating Committee - Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld

Membership Committee - Dr. Neil Parry

Postgraduate Education Committee - Dr. Mark Walsh

Program Committee - Dr. Shiva Jayaraman  Co-chair - Dr. Chad Ball

Research Committee - Dr. Alice Wei

Residents’ Committee - Co-chairs: Dr. Gurp Johal & Dr. Gaby Gauvin

Test Committee - Dr. Roger Keith

Professionalism Committee - Dr. Samuel Bugis

Oncology Committee - Dr. Frances Wright

Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery Committee - Dr. James Ellsmere

Acute Care Surgery Committee - Dr. Sandy Widder

International Surgery Committee - Dr. Gwen Hollaar

Hepatobiliary and Transplantation Committee - Dr. Shiva Jayaraman

Endocrine, Head, and Neck Committee - Dr. Todd McMullen

Representatives of the Provinces 

British Columbia/Yukon - Dr. Stephen Hiscock

Alberta/NWT - Dr. Paul Hardy 

Saskatchewan - Dr. Michael Harington

Manitoba - Dr. Brent Zabolotny

Ontario - Dr. Christopher Vinden

Québec - Dr. Julie Tousignant

New Brunswick - Dr. Patrick McCrea

Nova Scotia -  Dr. Les Wasilewski

Newfoundland & Labrador - Dr. Peggy Tuttle

Prince Edward Island – Dr. Phil Smith

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