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Acute Care Committee
Dr. N. Ahmed, Toronto
Dr. C. Ball, Calgary
Dr. D. Davey, Edmonton
Dr. J. Drover, Kingston
Dr. L. Farries, Red Deer
Dr. M. Hameed, Vancouver
Dr. K. Khwaja, Montreal
Dr. S. Minor, Halifax
Dr. J. Pagliarello, Otttawa
Dr. N. Parry, London
Dr. J. Rao, Regina
Dr. T. Razek, Montreal
Dr. H. Tien, Toronto
Dr. B. Zabolotny, Winnipeg
On September 9, 2009, the Acute Surgery and Critical Care Committee of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons invited service chiefs from all known acute services across Canada for a full day Acute Care Surgery Summit.  The objective of this meeting was to define this newly emerging model of acute care surgery service delivery, and to discuss national approaches to optimizing clinical care on these services, maximizing their educational opportunities and defining priorities for multicenter research. The group endorsed the term “Acute Care Surgery” (ACS) as the best descriptor of this initiative in Canada, and outlined a proposal for a national agenda to develop clinical service delivery, education and research on these services, while recognizing that each service would evolve uniquely in response to local needs and priorities.
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