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International Surgery Committee

Chair:  Dr. Gwen Hollaar
Dr. Bill Harris (Thunder Bay)
Dr. Vanessa Fawcett (Edmonton)
Dr. Tarek Razek (Montreal)
Dr. Brian Cameron (Hamilton)
Dr. Al Felix (St. John's)
Dr. Robin Fairfull-Smith (Ottawa)
Dr. Janet Edwards (Calgary)
Dr. Allan Okrainec (Toronto)
Dr. Jana MacLeod (Kenya)
Dr. Robert Taylor (Vancouver)
Dr. Dan Deckelbaum (Montreal)
Dr. Jamie Escallon (Toronto)
Dr. Heather Gill (Montreal)
Description:  Provides communication to CAGS members about surgical needs in the developing world, facilitates and coordinates on behalf of CAGS members who are interested in working in the developing world, development of recommendations for general surgery resident education in the needs and educational strategies to prepare general surgeons for work in the developing world.


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