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Canadian ACS services are in a strong position to begin to collect data on a unified patient population, and to share it across boundaries as needed, to drive evidence-based changes in surgical practice, and to generate the hypotheses that will advance the field. Brenneman and colleagues at Sunnybrook Hospital and Buczkowski and colleagues at the Vancouver General Hospital, have noted gaps and inaccuracies in available administrative data sources (from the initial patient encounter to long term follow up and many points between) and have highlighted the need for new ACS services to collect their own data with relevance to ACS specific issues.
In July 2007, a large Canadian teaching hospital realigned its general
surgery services into elective general surgery subspecialty-based services (SUBS) and a
new urgent surgical care (USC) service (also know in the literature as an acute care
surgery service). The residents on SUBS had their number of on-call days reduced to
enable them to focus on activities related to SUBS. Our aim was to examine the effect
of the creation of the USC service on the educational experiences of SUBS residents.
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