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March 6th, 2011
The Research mission of:  “CAGS contributes to the health of Canadians through the promotion of General Surgery research”, was revalidated.  It was felt that CAGS has an important place in surgical research because Canadian General Surgeons are actually the international leaders in educational research.  While the named industry grant from Ethicon and the restricted fund have been helpful, sustainability remained a challenge.  The Group identified the following goals:
Short Term Goals
1)  Improve sustainable source of CSRF fund by doubling the effort, fundraising at the Presidential dinner and with the registration package. 
2) Improve the research profile through a CSRF column in the newsletter and comments for past- winners, develop a needs assessment inquiry that asks what research agenda should include such as burnout, for example.
3) Improve dissemination of research outcomes through possible research presentations at the Canadian Surgery Forum. 
Long Term Goals
1) A one million dollar target is an appropriate amount for the internally restricted fund.
2) Engage partners, such as offering a way to pledge funding towards a certain area of research. 
3) Harness the General Surgery research agenda of community surgeons in the teaching programs by offering a global rating and technical skills tool.  Engage all of the General Surgeons in the agenda and profile the Research Retreat on a long-range basis.
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