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Canadian Association of General

Surgeons Residents Committee

Residency Survival Guide

2015-2016 Edition

Original Authors: Allison Maciver, Alison Archibald, Gavin Beck, Ali Cadili, Vanessa Cranford, Erin Cordeiro, Luc Dubois, Suleena Duhaime, Janet Edwards, Andrea Faryniuk, Émilie Joos, Cailan MacPherson, Chloe McAlister, Joey McDonald, Alisha Mills, Jonathan Spicer, Julie Ann Van Koughnett

Updates By: Vanessa Falk, Amy Bazzarelli, Jenny Lim, Sarah Steigerwald, and Matt Strickland

Table of Contents
1. CAGS and the Residents Committee
2. Making Your Life (and Learning) Easier
3. Nuts and Bolts of Every New Rotation
4. On Call
5. On the Wards
6. Teaching as a Resident
7. Well-Being
8. Textbooks We Like
9. Websites and Apps We Like
10. Giving Rounds
11. National Exams
12. A Note on Loupes
13. Research
14. Conferences
15. Mentors and Professional Development
16. Resident Electives
17. Fellowships After General Surgery
18. Finding a Job!
19. Milestones in General Surgery Residency
20. International Surgery
21. Professional Resources and Resident Associations

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